Anne Morris

Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts is pleased to host Palmerston North painter, poet and philosopher Anne Morris’s third solo exhibition at the gallery - her fifth career solo exhibition. The Spaces Between: New Paintings by Anne Morris will feature 20-25 new works in a variety of sizes and a mixture of oil, acrylics and watercolour paintings. Anne writes: “I was sorting through some old canvases and frames, looking back at my work over the years. All my work has relevance to me and moments in my life. Sometimes you get to take things to completion, but often things are left unfinished, unresolved, put aside. The paintings in the exhibition are a new collection of works but some have been painted on recycled canvas, works that I have started and never finished; some are framed in recycled frames from works that I may have reframed or recycled. A new life for something that has been forgotten, put aside or unfinished. Remembering, reinventing, renewing, life is a continuum of moments in time, and the spaces between.” Anne captures her world with views of varied landscapes, seascapes, forests, trees, bush, rivers and more. A powerful feast for the senses. The Spaces Between will open with a reception to honour the artist on Saturday 17th June from 5 – 6.30pm at the gallery, 33 George Street, Palmerston North. [Please note that this reception is at a later time than normally held on a Saturday at the gallery].

Anne Morris studied at the School of Fine Arts, Dunedin from 1980-1983 graduating with a Diploma of Fine Arts, majoring in painting. After travelling and living in the United Kingdom for several years she returned to live in Palmerston North in 1991. In 2002 Anne held her first solo exhibition ‘Gardens’- a series of garden scenes painted in acrylic on canvas. This was followed in 2004 with her second solo exhibition entitled ‘Walk of Life’ which included portraiture and figure paintings in a mixture of acrylics and oils on canvas. A collection of beach and sea paintings in acrylic on canvas and a series of small landscapes in acrylic on wooden blocks highlighted her output for 2009. Morris’s first solo exhibition at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts was ‘Can’t See the Wood for the Trees’ displaying a collection of large charcoal drawings on paper with images of trees, forests and landscapes held in 2012. She followed that in 2014 with ‘Walk with Me’, a collection of small oil paintings on canvas of landscapes, forests and seascapes.

The Spaces Between: New Paintings by Anne Morris will be featured at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts through Wednesday 12th July 2017.

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