Manawatu Spinners and Weavers Guild

With the theme of ‘Anything Goes’ the members of the Manawatu Spinners and Weavers Guild are sure to please visitors to their Annual Exhibition of handwork crafted by talented weavers, spinners, dyers, knitters, crocheters and felters from this local crafters society.  “The Guild is a community of people who enjoy creating with fibre,” states Maureen Anderson, Guild President. “Workshops, organised or impromptu, add to our skills. The things we make are beautiful, functional and definitely different!” As the show’s title indicates, the members were free to create anything which showcased their creativity with fibre; with no set theme it meant ‘Anything Goes!’  Among the fibres that can be spun and twisted into yarn and used as natural fibre or dyed for weaving or knitting are dog and goat hair, rabbit and possum fur, alpaca and sheep’s wool, linen and silk, as well as man-made fibres such as acrylic and nylon. The variety of hand-made items include scarfs, gloves, blankets, cushions, rugs, hats, tea cosies, tea towels, adult and children’s clothing and more. Hand-spun wool jerseys are a favourite item produced by many of the Guild members and popular with purchasers.

 A special feature this year in place of an invited guest artist is the ‘Shoe Box Challenge’ where the crafter takes a shoe box full of fibre, bling, fabric, wool skeins and a host of other possibilities and makes something from this motley collection of bits and bobs. A challenge it truly is! Anderson says: “Imagine making something from a randomly assigned shoebox filled with odds and ends. The Shoebox Challenge was a highlight of the Guild year and was the source of the exhibition title.”

The public is warmly invited to view Anything Goes at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts, 33 George Street, Palmerston North from Monday September 28th through Saturday October 10th. The exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to purchase gifts for oneself and for others, particularly with the holiday season not that far ahead.

 The Manawatu Guild of Spinners & Weavers began in 1967 and members have been meeting regularly ever since. The Guild is one of a number of groups that are part of the Manawatu Region; one of the fifteen areas that make up the New Zealand Spinning, Weaving and Woolcrafts Society.  Guild members are a diverse group of local women and men who enjoy learning about and practicing a range of textile crafts and techniques

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