Paula Novak

Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts begins its formal exhibition programme for 2016 with work by Hawke’s Bay artist Paula Novak. Displaying a range of artwork by this talented artist, the exhibition and sale features more than 20 paintings in acrylic or watercolour including portraits, surrealism and photorealism. Extraordinary Art will be Paula’s first public exhibition in over a decade and her first at Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts. Included in the exhibition will be a portrait of Sir Peter Jackson, a finalist in the 2004 Wallace Trust Portrait Gallery Awards, and a composite image of the Maori prophet T.W. Ratana. Her latest creation is a series of three large surrealistic works of women representing the Four Seasons.

 Paula specialises in portraits, nature painting and surrealism working mainly with acrylic on canvas. She is known for her highly detailed images of native pohutukawa, kowhai, woodpigeons and tuis. When viewing the exhibition look for human faces morphed into the indigenous landscape. She has one of those rare gifts in art: The ability to paint photo-realistically and to capture nature or the curves and proportions of the human body and face in every life-like nuance. Paula says, “I pride myself in being able to capture not only the outward image but something of the ‘soul essence’ of my subjects often taking portraiture clients into their own story with personal or imagined items and a touch of fantasy!”

 From early childhood in South Auckland, Paula became lost in the flow of the paintbrush as she captured the lines and character of friends, or conjured images from her rich imagination.

 Paula was a finalist in the Wallace Trust Portrait Gallery competition in 2004 with a stunningly lifelike portrait of film director Peter Jackson surrounded by secondary images from his films. Her composite image of Maori prophet and visionary T.W Ratana was commissioned for her husband’s book Ratana the Prophet and another historical composition, Te Haranui, featuring Samuel Marsden and Tamihana Te Rauparaha has been widely published in recent years.

 Her works have drawn praise from Waitakere City’s former mayor Bob Harvey, Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop, Village Roadshow Pictures, Hallmark Cards and the many clients who have commissioned her to create images for them. Paula’s paintings have found their way into private collections in New Zealand and around the world.

 Paula Novak and her husband Keith Newman moved from the bush in Titirangi, West Auckland, to Haumoana by the sea in Hawke’s Bay in 2009, where she has established her own gallery.

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