Rachael Smith

Taylor-Jensen Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of 28 framed landscape photographs by Rachael Smith. Currently living in the Manawatu with her husband and family, Heart Standing Still is Ms Smith’s inaugural exhibition of photographic prints personally produced by the artist to honour and recognise the place she now calls home. Born and raised in Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty, she has lived in various parts of New Zealand as well as five years overseas in the USA and Malaysia. Landscape photography has allowed Rachael to spend time in the outdoors with her three sons and very supportive husband. Photography, wildlife, travel, growing her own produce and turning it into delicious food and beverages are some of the things that make Rachael tick!

 It was while living in the United States trying to capture the beauty of hummingbirds with her camera that Rachael’s passion and drive for photography really took hold. Predominantly self-taught, Rachael has a sound grounding in photographic basics having studied black and white fine art photography with internationally acclaimed master photographer, Swiss-based, Athena Carey, whom she considers a mentor in this genre.

 Rachael is interested in a wide range of photographic techniques rather than one specific niche. She is currently working on a series of images using the ‘Intentional Camera Movement’ method. The artist doesn’t like carrying a lot of equipment around and prides herself in achieving maximum results with minimal gear. Her landscape and travel images have won awards within New Zealand at the NZIPP Awards (Silver Distinction and 2 Bronzes) and she has had award-winning images published in Germany and the USA.

 With photography becoming more and more accessible to everyone through affordable high-quality equipment and the prevalence of in-phone cameras, Rachael strives to produce images that are interesting, unique and require a sound understanding of light, focus and motion. The results are often everyday objects or scenes that are presented in a way that captivates the eye and inspires the viewer. Rachael Smith will be presenting images that capture the Manawatu from the bridge over the Manawatu River to fog in the Turitea; from All Saints Church to stately saplings and from dune grasses to central city sculpture.

 A perfectionist in her work, Rachael Smith does all of her own printing using fine art papers and archival ink. Lovers of fine high quality photography will be pleased to view the images that artist Rachael Smith has laid down on paper. Rachael also operates Rahera Photography Limited a small company dedicated to producing successful imagery for a wide range of clients.

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